My current job is located near a Goodwill thrift store, so I head by there on my lunch break at least once a week. Never know what you'll find, and this past week I came across this.

It's a plastic Thermos brand Hot Wheels lunchbox circa 2007. Black plastic, white handle, but no Thermos inside. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would become a computer case, so I bought it, brought it home, and started digging in the parts box. Grabbed one of my Via C3 embedded 3.5" boards, a cheap 4GB compact flash card, a small 5V, 8A power supply, and my exacto knife and files.

Didn't take long, and I had it done.

Board on the left, power supply on the right. Quite a bit of space inside, isn't there?

Power plug side.

And the ports, which I'm not really happy with but they're functional. The exacto got out of control a couple times and the files really don't do much on the plastic.

I didn't bother with a power switch since this is going to be a Smoothwall box. Wasn't going to sacrifice a good ATX or Pico-PSU when this system should be always running anyway. Same reason there's no power switch, easy enough to yank the power cord when I need it off.

I don't really need another firewall, but it was fun to build and when I get bored I can dump it onto Ebay. My total cost is under $100, so I might even make a few bucks if I sell.