The Lunchbox was my first attempt at using a video LCD for system temp monitoring. It was a simple setup, a 4" LCD and a McDonalds collectible tin lunchbox. Was hooked to the TV out of a Matrox G400, using the built in Dualhead mirror and Zoom abilities to display system temps and Winamp. This was for a secondary system I was using, I could monitor it on the LCD while using my primary system for normal work. Anyway, here are the pics.

A shot of the LCD, using the G400 in clone mode to show the desktop.

Two more shots, showing the power switch, power input, and video input.

The wiring, very simple. 2 for power, 2 for video.

And now for the G400 specialty shots, these are using the driver's built in Zoom feature. When enabled, you select a portion of the desktop and it zooms it to fill the secondary screen.

1st, a zoom of MotherBoard Monitor running in the taskbar.

And a zoom of Winamp and MBM's Dashboard

And some of the Dashboard itself

Here's a couple alternate attempts, the first uses Windows built-in accessibility Magnifier tool. Doesn't work too well.

The second uses the G400s second head running though a VGA-TV converter, very similar to how I'm doing my in-PC mount.

Winamp is being displayed with the double-size option.

These were all shots of my original version of the Lunchbox. I've since moved the 4" to my PC mount and installed my 5.6" screen in the lunchbox.

I've also added a bit of window molding to dress up the edges. Currently using the lunchbox as a monitor on a little accessed server box. It also serves as a desktop digital picture frame on occasion and as a TV screen.

Here are two more recent pictures, using Coolmon to display system stats. It's currently attached to a server box, running off the TV output of an ATI Radeon.