Radiation Fallout Meter hard drive enclosure, USB 2.0 version

I've previously built a firewire hard drive enclosure using an old CD-RW firewire case and an even older civil defense fallout meter. Came out pretty well, have it rigged so the guage lights up to show power and the needle moves to show drive activity. Pictures can be seen here.

That one is currently hosting a 30GB drive and gets daily use, but I was in need of something with broader compatibility so I bought a cheap USB 2.0 drive enclosure.

That one worked well enough, but it lacked pizazz. Since my firewire case is a good attention getter I set out to build another.

Hurdle #1, getting another radiation fallout meter. I was off to ebay, thinking I'd get another one as cheaply as I'd gotten my first. No such luck, ended up paying twice what the first one was.

Hurdle #2, when I got the fallout meter it was noticeably different from the first one. The guage is a different type, sealed metal with a plastic face as opposed to the all plastic guage on my first meter. Makes it a bit more involved when mounting the power LED.

Hurdle #3, the USB bridge board in the USB case was a bit wide to fit into the fallout meter. I actually had to trim one corner down to get it to fit.

I did some proper revisions on this one, which led to one more problem. In the first version, the hard drive was mounted upside down because of a mismeasurement and poorly placed mounting screw holes. So in this one I measured everything properly, but when I went to put the drive in I noticed there were ridges inside the case that kept the drive from dropping easily into place. A couple minutes with a grinder fixed those, although the drive is still a tight fit.

One other issue was when cutting the holes for cables and the power switch. I roughed the holes out with a Dremel, then did my best to make everything fit with files and elbow grease. Well, the power switch turned out like crap because I couldn't find my small files. It's not awful, but I'm not real happy with the results. This can be seen in one pic below.

Anyway, here are the pics.

In this one you can see the crappy cut outs.

If you look close in this one you can see the rounded off corner of the bridge board.

Here's a shot of the bottom showing the feet, fan, and appropriate fan grill.

And here's a link to a small video file showing the needle move to indicate drive activity. Files are being transferred between both drives cases. You can also see the blue LED backlight on both.

Click Me!

Video file is ~300KB, Windows Media 9 required.

Here are a few pics of a "production" version of the Rad-Meter drive case. This one was built for someone on the 2cpu.com forums and is basically a refined version of this case.