Took about 5 months and three motherboards, but I've finally completed another project.

I signed up for the Windows Home Server Beta a few months ago and after playing with it for a while I decided to throw together a dedicated system to run it when it was finally released.

My requirements have been pretty similar for my last few projects. Small, quiet, and unique. Since I had just completed a Merom cube using an old breadbox, and loved the result, I decided to rip myself off. Went on eBay and found another breadbox, paying 20x what I paid for the first. When I got it I found out it was filthy and had some deep scratches and multiple dents. Oh well, the biggest dents were outside the area I would be using, and I hoped to sand out the bulk of the scratches.

I started with an EBX Embedded Pentium-M board, but a flaw in my layout resulted in barely enough room for the SATA card I would need. Even with a right-angle PCI adapter it would have been too tightly packed.

Next I had an Intel D201GLY Little Valley board, Mini-ITX with a Yonah-based 1.33Ghz Celeron-M. I adapted the backplate I had created, and it fit, but it had problems with the SATA card and the power connector was also in the way.

Finally I swapped in an AxiomTek Pentium-M Mini-ITX board with a 1.3Ghz Dothan Celeron-M. Cables are now in much better locations and the SATA card works fine.

Enough rambling, here are the specs and pics.

Final Specs:
Celeron M 420, eventually I'll drop in the Celeron-M 520 I have
1GB DDR2@667
MSI Fuzzy GM1 - i945 chipset
2x500GB Maxtor SATA drives
Rosewill SI 3114 RAID card
One blue Yate Loon 120mm fan
2x4" blue cathodes
Inwin/Powerman 240 watt PSU

Again, the main body of the case is made from a vintage aluminum breadbox. I really like the shape. I also used pieces of the breadbox to make some of my brackets. The backplate and base are cut and bent from scraps leftover from a place that puts windows into cases. The mesh on top is left over AC Ryan MeshX from a previous mod. The screws on the top and sides are Torx heads from either HP or Compaq systems I've scrapped out over the years. Finished size is about 9"x9"x9.5" tall. Pulls about 70 watts idling in the BIOS, 75 if the CCs are running.

Oh, the lit fan and cathodes are a first for me. I normally dislike lighting, but this one was looking a little plain. Needed something.

Okay, enough, on to the pics.

Might look a little cloudy in the pics, combo of the camera, compression, and flash. I did what I could on the finish, but once again it has too many deep scratches and I don't have enough patience. Most aren't noticeable unless you're looking for them.

There are some build pics here.